Catie Beach Joins FLC

Catie Beach is a printmaker and illustrator who explores visual overstimulation through drawing and abstraction. Rooted in observational drawing, her works record naturally occurring collections and instances of entanglement found in urban green spaces.

Beach’s work is influenced by her stint in botanical illustration, a field which uses highly detailed rendering to prompt viewers to look both intently and beyond the means of the naked eye. Through this intensified vantage her work asks viewers to meditate on the complexity of ecological systems.

Her current body of work catalogs a specific site along the Olentangy river. Her process begins with on-site exploration: hiking through the woods, wading past the shoreline, and collecting specimens. She makes photo documentation of these interactions and observations, which are then woven together, layered, and rearranged in photoshop after the fact. These images then become reference for her abstracted drawings, etchings, and lithographs.

Beach graduated from Ohio Wesleyan University in 2016, earning a BFA with concentrations in printmaking and painting. She hopes to grow her body of work manifold in 2019!