Alexis Zabor joins FLC

Alexis Zabor is a fiber artist and sculptor who investigates craft, labor, and repurposed materials. Using fiber, found, and created materials, Zabor integrates materials not commonly combined into new forms using hand craft processes. These craft processes will often include crochet, weaving, latch hooking, needlepoint, and macrame knots.

Zabor starts her pieces by finding materials that can be worked with in hand-craft methods but are non-traditional craft materials. Past projects have included materials such as; reclaimed wire, video tape, grout, and metal conduit. Starting with no sketch or idea of what the piece will end up looking like, adaptation and flexibility are vital in the final outcome of the piece.

She views her pieces as a performance of labor. Each piece chronicles the time and effort devoted to it. From sourcing the materials and performing the craft action with them, her process is intensive, research heavy, and places an emphasis on repetitive actions and motions.

Alexis Zabor received her B.F.A in Studio art with a concentration in Printmaking from Ohio University in 2018. Since moving back to Columbus she is excited to immerse herself into the Columbus art scene and explore what the city has to offer.